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Cold Terpene Extraction

Within the careful practice of terpene extraction, one method stands out for its ability to preserve the essence of the Cannabis plant:
Cold Terpene Processing

This innovative process not only captures the full spectrum of aromatic compounds, but also retains the delicate nuances that make
each strain unique.

Selective Harvesting

Our veteran cultivators choose Cannabis plants at peak terpene expression, ensuring maximum aromatic potential. Only the finest specimens are selected for extraction, selected based on appearance and analysis of magnified density.

Gentle Extraction

Using specialized equipment operating at ultra-low temperatures, terpenes are gently liberated from the plant material, preserving both their integrity and purity.

Quality Assurance

Extracted terpenes undergo rigorous testing for consistency, purity, and potency. Sensory evaluation ensures each batch meets the highest standards before incorporation into our various inhalable products.

nord genetics® combines precision and passion to capture the purest essence of Cannabis, offering you a sensory experience
like no other!

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" By far the most medicating legal THC products I've tried. "

Jacqueline KimberlyContent Creator

" I've tried almost every alternative brand. You won't be dissapointed! "

Jacob Eron Oregon Shop Owner

" Our customers have shown overwhelming support for the cartridges. The only brand I trust to carry in my store! "