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Cartridge & Device Care

Our distillates and concentrates are pure and uncut, and therefore have a highly viscous consistency. The following are some of the best practices to ensure that you get the maximum potential from your
legal THC/Hemp-Derived cartridge and/or disposable:

Prevent Clogging and Leaking

Leaking or clogging of your cartridge or device's airway often occurs when
un-inhaled vapor remains in the airway of the vape cartridge after use. When the vapor cools inside the cartridge's mouthpiece, it turns back into oil and sticks to the inner walls of the vape cartridge airway.
Over time, this will continually build up until there is a complete blockage of the cartridge's airway with oil.

Best Care Practices

Keep your cartridge upright. This ensures that when your oil is heated up from your device, it has less possibility of clogging the mouthpiece or airway.

Avoid exceeding >5 second draws. When exceeding our recommended serving size in a single inhale, it heats your oil and cartridge up to unneccessary levels.

Avoid direct sunlight and heated areas. Do not leave your device or cartridge unattended in the contact of direct sunlight, or in
temperature-extreme environments
[e.g. a hot car or car seat]

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