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Federally Legal Cannabis under the Farm Bill

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Natural Hemp farmed in Oregon.

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Endulge in a connoisseur-favorite...
delicious berry and earth-blended undertones,
reportedly followed by a calming
euphoric and uplifting experience.
Original flavor preserved via
3-Step Cold Terpene Extraction
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Sydney Vezina Content Creator

" The Tokyo Snow strain is my absolute favorite. 10/10 "

Michelle Scott Content Creator

" I love the effects of the cartridges 🤩 "

Destiny Tirado Industry Connoisseur

" By far the most medicating legal THC products I've tried. "

Jacqueline KimberlyContent Creator

" I've tried almost every alternative brand. You won't be dissapointed! "

Jacob Eron Oregon Shop Owner

" Our customers have shown overwhelming support for the cartridges. The only brand I trust to carry in my store! "

Consumer experiences of Δ8THC are often reported as
relaxing, mood-boosting,
pleasantly euphoric yet-- clearheaded
and not overwhelmingly intoxicating.

Δ8THC is a naturally occurring Cannabinoid with effects reportedly
similar to Marijuana,
leaving out the commonly reported feelings of associated anxiety and/or paranoia.
Federally Legal under the Farm Bill.

The products on this site are psychoactive.
It is advisable to avoid these products
if you are subject to drug-testing
of any form.

Yes. All of your products are tested for
safety, legal compliance, and potency.

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We currently ship to 47 states.

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